Toward the Southern Ocean

28 Nov to 1 Dec

Finally slipped lines 1pm 28th to restart trip to Fremantle. Waited 5 hours for Punta Motored overnight down past Cape Point then had Le Mans start with Punta for our match race. Travelled for 10 minutes under white sails then bore away and set the code 2. Later we swapped the code 3 for the code 2. We had a great evening watch and don’t recall us collapsing the spinnaker once. Overnight it was noisy with multiple spinnaker collapses and broaches. 。
Woke up in the morning to some commotion , both foreguys had broken . So busy early watch for us , staysail up spinnaker down anti wrap net down yankee up. Lost the port yankee halyard somewhere in the process. Spend the day reaching under white sails. Our later watch we bear away and have to drop the staysail. The already double reefed main was leaving us underpowered as the wind dropped to under 30 knots in the 3 to 4m seas . We shook out the reef and the boat performed much better .
Morning of 1st December I woke to a littany of disasters. First the spinnaker halyard snapped overnight. Spinnaker was damaged. Generator ( and therefore watermaker )wasn’t working . Mainsail was on the deck and broken battens were being replaced.
The wind was very light and we rehoisted the main at the start of the watch and successfully chased Punta in the light airs. At one stage we were only a few hundred metres apart. The morning was rather cold on the first day of summer though by the afternoon watch the crew were enjoying rather warmer temperatures.

2nd Dec

code 2 spinnaker had Been set overnight Punta off our stern quarter visible about 5 miles away
set a course of 110 cog later have to bear away 130 cog something not right with instruments show wind angle of 130 degrees
but spinnaker and main can’t be eased. reset instruments 130 becomes 105 ! all explained
support drop kite back under y2

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