Equator ,Corona virus

So we continually work our way north and west .Mainly upwind although sometimes a little off close hauled to get a favourable course around a cloud formation or squall.The wind varies from 4 to 14 knots but mostly below 10. A watch is continual trimming of the sails to get the most out of the light breezes.Vang on vang off outcall on off etc steer 45 steer 50 steer 55
the only ever sail changes are windseeker for yankee 1 and staysail
the weather is hot and humid
occasionally a squall produces a welcome rain shower
we cross the equator and Jorge makes a visit as Neptune.We sip champagne rather than having the traditional porridge pouredon heads.We are doing well and now are furthest north .
Where are the trades ?

At some point we hear about the corona virus spreading through parts of China including into Sanya. The problem out here is you only get snippets of news and arenever sure exactly what is going.It’s soon apparent that the situation is serious and means we are unlikely to be going to China.

Someone talk about a song theming race 6 we end up with an ode to race 6 to the tune of summertime.

And the humidity’s rising
The Clipper fleet get’s away
Outside the great Barrier Reef

As the doldrums descend
There is nothing to cool you
Except a dip in ,
The Solomon sea

One of these mornings
We’ll reach the Northeast trade winds
We’re gonna hoist the code 3
Head for the South China Sea

And on that morning
CV 2 9’s a hummin
With Seumas and Jorge
Standin by.

Will we make it to Sanya
The trumpet has blown
And released the devil’s little crowns

As we sail on our way
We await Mark Light’s guidance
Just where are we going
Sanya , or Subic Bay

If this were a cruise conditions are perfect.9 to 12 knots, white sails ,comfotable temperatures
we finally set a kite but it is not successful for long with wind coming round ahead of the beam
our sunset watch is another pleasant one with the boat tracking along at 8.5 to 10 knots
our track looks like straight line on course
the watch after us kicking along at 10 knots plus
just waiting for the wind to turn east heralding the arrival of the North East trades
we are now clearly in second place behind Halong Bay with Punta Qingdao and Korea hot on our heels 15 and 20 miles back .
We now know the destination is Subic Bay

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