Light winds and heat

21 to 23 Jan
we continue in the light winds heat and humidity
trying to get the best angle on any cloud that appears
we are east of most of the fleet which is a good thing
scheds say were in 7th place
sailing all day with most of the fleet visible
if wind comes from where it’s meant to will be good
0800 to 1200 shift 23/1
the sunset shift
just a beautiful evening on deck
breeze from 11 to 14 knots
yacht performing nicely with 7 to 8.5 knots speed at close to 100% vmg
at one stage all but 3 of the crew on deck just enjoying the evening ,such a contrast to the cold of the Southern Ocean, much nicer on deck than in the sauna down below
now we are the most Easterly yacht so will just depend on how the wind fills in in the next 1 to 2 days

Jan 24

Initially made some gains closing gap between us and leaders ,and Still being the most Easterly yacht .Did get into an official 3rd spot. But then winds dropped overnight and the fleet to the west made up some ground. Now just heading to corridor in steady 6 to 8 knots.Wind coming round to 70 to 80 degree wind angle allows to set the windseeker .Hopefully our easterly position will see us get the best of the next shift and we will be hoisting a spinnaker.

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