Leap year day Drama

So on sunrise watch we are within 10 miles of the Southeastern Mark of the Nan Sei islands ,within 1 nautical mile of Punta and Zhuhai 1.3 miles behind and catching.us. Before the mark we plug in the code 2 spinnaker, then finally drop the staysail.As we get to the mark ,Punta stand on ,we go behind their stern and hoist the code 3 and end up 2 miles ahead.Zhuhai miss the mark and have to go back and re round..
Part way along the next leg we gybe and appear to be going well but a windshift near the next mark allows Punta to catch up. They are just behind and to leeward.The wind has come round so we are on a very close reach.We both go for the hoist yankee drop kite .Punta get the better of this one and come up to windward when our kite gets slightly stuck.
Punta though has missed the mark!
The evening is an upwind trying to stay closer to the islands to avoid the worst of the current .We hit a squall and have to do several tacks to get a favorable course.
By watch end we catch halong bay

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