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Our walk / climb on the Precipitous Bluff Loop from Ida Bay to PB then down to South Coast Track and ending at Cockle Creek

Precipitous Bluff Walk Day 14

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Our final day may have been the longest and distance but the shortest in time ! It start with a walk along the beach at the end of which we climbed into the bush for a short time then descend to Lion Rock .Then it’s back along the beach near Lion Rock campsite climbing onto Coal Bluff at the end of the beach. From there we turn inland and the walk is soon flat and easy with occasional boardwalks all the way to Cockle Creek . We spotted our first and only quoll at the end of the track. From it was back Evan’s coaches back to Hobart with a stop on the way for coffee and a hamburger.

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Precipitous Bluff Walk Day 13

Out of Granite Bay it is a gradual climb up to Trackcutters camp. There are great views at several spots on the way up and plenty of mud to negotiate. They way down is back into rainforest before again reaching the coastal scrub. Finally we crossed a small creek to our campsite at South Cape Rivulet. A large male elephant deal was resting on the beach here .Apparently they get tired and come in to either rest or molt. Fresh water was plentiful from the river and the campsite was busy with many making this their past camp on the South Coast Track .

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Precipitous Bluff Walk Day 12

The last of our easy days started with a very steep climb out of Surprise Bay rising 15om in less than 500m ! We then descended  through the bush to the start of Granite beach. It was then a more than 1 km walk over the granite boulders to the campsite. From the cliff before the campsite there is a waterfall coming down onto the beach making it an ideal showering spot – apart from the water temperature. I dropped our soap and it could not be retrieved having slid down into the layer of granite stones.The campsite was rather busy with several groups joining us for the night.  Another tiger snake was spotted near the campsite. The water here was again crystal clear .

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Precipitous Bluff Walk Day 11

This was the second of our 3 “easy” days , but there was still a spot  of steep climbing. Lil let us know loudly about the tiger snake that crossed between us on the track descending into surprise bay . The campsite is a lovely one sheltered and with some lovely views of the bay. Surprisingly we were joined by only one group a couple of boys that had done 17km for the day. We lit a fire after dinner , just because we were allowed to – it did keep the mossies and sandflies away.

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