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We arrived in Copenhagen after a one hour flight from Bergen on Nowergeian Airlines which has a lots of leg room probably become of all the tall Norwegian people! We took the train to the Christianshava area where we are in a air bnb which consists of a mattress on the floor and shared bathroom. But on the up side it’s a more real experience than the posh Grand Terminus Hotel and the buffet breakfasts ! Mike who lives in the room met us and gave us the tip to go for dinner to the food court on one of the canals which we did and had Korean for dinner. We took a canal tour around Copenhagen to try to understand some of the geography of the place but I found it very confusing. Lots of man made canals and islands and many bridges! The next day we both went for a run at about 6am as we have no curtains and sunrise is at 5am so we were awake. Rick had an appointment at 10am at the Australian Embassy ‘re his lost passport which was an hours walking from our room! The thing I’m gonna remember about Copenhagen is the bikes. With all our walking about the place we’ve seen thousands of bikes. It all seems to work. Bikes have a separate path to cars and pedestrians are on another path. Incredible! In Australia we just don’t seem to be able to work that out. The bikes people ride are just ordinary cheap bikes. On the way back from the embassy we walked through the Kastellet and saw a lot of the tourist attractions we saw from the Canal tour like The Little Mermaid Statute which was surrounded by many tourists with cameras, the Royal palace area. We had lunch at Nyhavn Canal where there are lots of alfresco areas to eat. We ate in Danish place and they are really into open sandwich style with lots of mayonnaise, fish, and cheese! We’ve been into pastry bakeries twice and I think the secret is extra butter but tasted great. After lunch first we walked through the free land of Christiania , where cannabis is sold out in the open and then went to the opera house to see if anything was showing then we climbed to the top of Our Saviour’s Church which goes up 400 steps ,which was rather crowded but worth it for the views of all the canals and the very impressive ¬†buildings which could be hundreds of years old from the top of the spiral staircase. We then ¬†went into Christiansborg Palace which is not occupied by Royalty at present but is incredibly grand! the City Gardens and then back to Nyhavn for dinner; we both had fish and beer. There was still daylight so I thought we should go for walk to the Botanical gardens but they were closed at five so we’ll come back tomorrow when we go pick up Ricks passport at 3pm. On the way back we visited the national gallery and following that walked through the Botanical gardens .We had a nice dinner again at a little cafe round the corner in Christanshavn ! We booked our train ticket to Berlin at the station which took a bit of doing with a huge line of people waiting.