Big night and race finish.

18 December

1600 to 2000 watch which is now local time midnight to 4 am.Also just having the main meal at midnight seems odd.Our watch came on deck to the code 3 spinnaker up with 1 reef in the main and 18 to 21 knots of breeze. We were having to steer from the leeward(starboard …

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Evolution Watch

18th December
A lot of times there is little to do other than steer the boat. On change of watch yacht was recovering from a near knockdown and sail had to be reduced. I went up to help .First we dropped the yankee then we put in reef 2. On our watch the wind ddropped to …

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Travelling North


We come on watch to light winds and yankee 1 and full main up. The code 2 spinnaker has just come down and is on the floor of the yacht As soon as the spinnaker is packed we re hoist it. In preparing for a gybe unfortunately the tack line is eased and the …

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