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Paris Penultimate Day

Flew out of Zagreb with Malev Hungarian Airlines  on a small aircraft about 36 passengers. Stopped at Budapest for 4 hours but wasn’t worth the hassle of getting out of the airport for such a short time, so finally arrived at Paris at about 6 pm. Bags took a long time but fortunately there was no border control! Train and metro to St Christopher”s Youth Hostel for second stay and arrived at 8 . Went for a walk along the canal and had tea at a popular restaurant . The French people next to us were eating raw mince steak to which they added mustard, tomato ketchup, fresh onions! Walking home we came across a large square with people dancing. The DJ fired up Rock around the Clock so we found some space on the wooden dance floor for a jive . Followed by a slow foxtrot followed by a Merenguee ,at which point there was an all male pair next to us really firing up with some Latin step (salsa or lambada) anyway they were groin to groin so to speak. Could have danced for longer but went back to St Chris’s for a needed sleep. There were many local youth picnicking on the brick paving either side of the canal!

[jj-ngg-jquery-slider gallery=32 effect=fade animspeed=1000 pause=5000]Next day we wandered round Paris. First down to the Bastille and to the markets there. Bought some fresh peaches and cherries and a home cooked French dish with hen. Then we went further along the canal and over the Seine to “Jardin de Plantes”. A further walk along to a place Lily has always wanted to go – Luxembourg gardens – famous in the children’s book ” A duck called Angelique”. Yes we were sticking to the shade as it was a hot sticky day but some light rain was trying to relieve it . After an expresso and coke (the waiter asked Lil whether she water 1,2,or 3 grams and a straw) and snapped a video of the model boats on the lake , we started walking toward the Louvre. We expected the queue to be long ,which it was , but we found the Portes de Lions where there  is never a queue ( damn shouldn’t have given away my secrets) . We had Moulin Rouge booked prior to leaving Paris so we finished the day there. Rick wore his shorts so cost us extra money cause we had to go buy long pants for him, and we were lucky to find some because shops are closed in Paris on a Sunday. The show was spectacular, and went for 1.45 hrs. Girls and guys could really do a high kick! On the way in on the metro to Moulin Rouge there was a black guy busking with his guitar and mainly English lyrics. Anyway we got on the train to go home and there he was again . Anyway I said to him “Hey man ,do Rehab ” , he said ” How do you know I do Rehab man?” I said ” You did it on our way in ” So he did ,and I accompanied him with backing vocals on the no,no,no go,go,go and did some skat lead on the breaks ; then put all my change in his tin – he made it a pleasure to travel on the metro at 11 pm.